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    Professional Biography

    • Thirty-seventh year of teaching
    • Randolph-Macon College (B.A./Psychology)
    • University of Virginia (M.ed./Speech Pathology - Audiology - Education of the Hearing Impaired)    
    • Teaching Locations: Raleigh, NC; Fairfax County, VA; Tokyo, Japan; Trieste, Italy; Loudoun County, VA
    • Types of Teaching Experiences: High School Special Education, High School Hearing Impaired Education, Elementary Hearing Impaired Education (Cued Speech and Oral/Aural), Elementary Regular Education, Elementary Math Lead Teacher, English-as-a-Second Language (International), Middle School Math, (presently) Middle School and High School Family Life Education 
    • Courses and Workshops for Teaching Family Life Education: Shenandoah University, Longwood University, professional organizations, and LCPS FLE-specific educational development 

    Topics Being Covered and

    Number of Blocks Per Grade Level


    There are at least three ways for families to find out specifics about the Family Life Education program in Loudoun County Public Schools:

    1.)  All students take home an envelope on the first day of school that contains a Family Life Education packet.  This packet lists the SOLs to be covered at each grade level and the possibility for parents to OPT their child/ren out of the program. Parents/guardians may, also, request a handbook with more specifics about each grade level's SOLs.  Anyone wanting to opt their child/ren out of the Family Life Education classes should return the appropriate form from this packet to the school/s by September 11, 2015.  If at any time during the year, a guardian wishes to "opt in" or "opt out" a student, he/she may send in a signed, written note explaining this choice.  Please include the student and PE/Health teachers' names.  The student should give the note to his/her PE/Health teacher. 

    2.)  The school library and all of the Loudoun County public libraries have the instruction binders (containing the SOLs) for any individual/s to peruse.

    3.)  A Parent Preview Session is provided for parents to look over the instructional binders (containing the SOLs), examine the materials, watch the videos used in the lessons, and talk with Family Life Education Teachers about any questions/concerns.  Below is the needed information concerning these Parent Preview sessions … 


    Date:         September 8-11, 2015

    Times:        10:00 am – 8:00 pm

    Location:     LCPS Administration Building

                   21000 Education Court (Rm 102)

                   Ashburn, Virginia  20148



    You may find out when your child has FLE by simply clicking on School's FLE Schedule to the left of this text.  Instruction will begin on September 16, 2015.  The classes will be listed by the PE/Health teacher for all three schools (Park View High School, Rock Ridge High School, and Dominion High School).  Occasionally, class days may be moved a bit due to weather or illness, but it would only be by a couple of days. If a major change has been made, it will be noted on the schedule/calendar.
    What follows is a list of the topics covered at each grade level.  SOLs that do not appear are taught by the students' PE/Health teachers.


    Grade Nine
    (Four Blocks Total - 1/half day for each gender and 3/together)


    Ninth Grade Objectives (A more detailed explanation can be found at https://www.lcps.org/cms/lib/VA01000195/Centricity/Domain/23/Ninth%20Grade%20Objectives.pdf.)

    9.4 The student will determine how maturation affects adolescents.

    9.5 The student will examine values, morals, and ethics essential to the growth and maintenance of positive human relationships.

    9.7 The student will realize the importance of setting standards for controlling sexual behavior, avoiding tempting situations, and of postponing sexual relations until marriage.

    9.8 The student will describe his or her own attitudes concerning expectations of self and interpersonal relationships.

    9.9 The student will use the steps in the decision-making process to solve specific problems.

    9.10 The student will recognize the need to abstain from premarital sexual intercourse.

    9.11 The student will recognize alternatives to premarital sexual intercourse for expressing feelings and affection.

    9.12 The student will explain the factors to be considered in preparing for dating and marriage.

    9.13 The student will interpret the effects and prevention of sexual assault and rape (including "date rape").

    9.14 The student will recognize the development of sexuality as an aspect of the total personality.

    9.15 The student will be able to explain the process of reproduction.

    9.16 The student will demonstrate understanding of specific health issues.

    9.17 The student will demonstrate knowledge of pregnancy prevention and disease control.

    9.18 The student will review factual information about abortion and its ramifications.

    9.19 The student will identify causes, transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS).

    9.20 The student will explain the mode and prevention of the transmission of the AIDS virus.

     Grade Ten

    (Four Blocks Total - 4/together)


    Tenth Grade Objectives (A more detailed explanation can be found at https://www.lcps.org/cms/lib/VA01000195/Centricity/Domain/23/Tenth%20Grade%20Objectives.pdf.)

    10.5 The student will interpret state laws that affect family life.

    10.6 The student will describe types of adjustment and sources of conflict in interpersonal relationships.

    10.7 The student will analyze the common underlying causes of parent/teen conflict and identify skills that would improve communication.

    10.8 The student will express his or her own attitude toward parenting.

    10.9 The student will discuss skills and character traits necessary for positive parenting decisions.

    10.10 The student will review choices regarding family planning, conception, and pregnancy.

    10.11 The student will identify common fears and concerns regarding the care of newborn infants.

    10.12 The student will describe adjustments to be made after the birth of a child.

    10.13 The student will identify criteria for selecting adequate childcare services.

    10.14 The student will explore the financial costs of pregnancy and childrearing.

    10.15 The student will analyze the factors and outcomes associated with prenatal care.

    10.16 The student will explain the importance of supportive roles of the mother and father through pregnancy.

    10.17 The student will explore available birthing options.

    10.18 The student will identify the stages of fetal development and stages of the birthing process.

    10.19 The student will recognize the advantages of abstinence from pre-marital sexual relations and review appropriate refusal skills.

    10.20 The student will identify ways of preventing and/or coping with various types of violence.

    10.21 The student will analyze community resources to meet the needs of the individual and families.

    10.22 The student will explain how media can have both positive and negative effects on the development of individuals at various ages.

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    Since I will be teaching at three schools during the year, this is the most sure method of contacting me.  I will do my very best to respond as quickly as possible.  It is my desire for us to have successful communication. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.  I wish that I could give you a time that would be great for calling, but my schedule changes with each PE/Health teacher.  Thank you for your understanding.
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