Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. David Noland, Fine Arts Department Chair

David Noland, the Fine Arts Department Chair, has been a teacher in the Loudoun County Public School system since August 2000.  He received both his BA and MA from West Virginia University.  This year is his 17th year teaching and producing theatre in Loudoun County.  Mr. Noland believes strongly in the collaborative process and works with his students to design and produce shows at Indy.  With the awesome strength and skill of the students in the community, Mr. Noland is aware of the bright future for ITPA (Independence Theatre and Performing Arts) and all of its students.  He seeks to inspire students to become more aware of themselves through the theatrical process.  Whether students plan to become an attorney, a doctor, a physicist, an engineer, or an actor; theatre skills are skills that will assist on each path.  He looks forward to the fourth season of Indy Theatre, both its classes and its productions.  The highlight of his day, every day, is seeing students who are passionate about becoming a better version of themselves through the process of acting, designing, building, collaboration, and community.  Mr. Noland is aware of what it takes to develop a program and produce high-quality shows and looks  forward to greater connections with the school community. He also serves as the coach of the Forensics team, who garnered multiple medals in VHSL competition in Indy's first year and for a second year in a row  earned a Bronze Medal (Henry Joyce) in Humorous Interpretation and a Gold Medal (Charlotte Waxvik/Eliza Laviolette) in Humorous Duo.  Mr. Noland has previously been nominated for Disney's Teacher of the Year and Shenandoah University Teacher of the Year.  He has served on the VHSL Drama, Debate, Forensics Advisory Committee and the VHSL Film Festival Advisory Committee.  

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