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  • G Suite for Education: Frequently Asked Questions

    ram head About Google Suite for Education - What is "G Suite for Education?"

    G Suite for Education is an integrated communication and collaboration solution, hosted by Google and managed by LCPS. G Suite provides the ability for LCPS students, faculty and staff to communicate, store files and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time from school, work, or home, all within a secure online environment.


    ram head How will it be used? 

    G Suite will provide the ability for students and teachers to store files and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time from school or home within an online environment. The use of these tools is optional, and intended to provide an approved and supportable alternative to “consumer” Google accounts.


    ram head What can my student/child do with Google Apps?

    Students will have easy access to their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within Google Docs. In addition, students will have additional storage for other files they may need to use between home and school. As the use of LCPS Google Apps continues, there may be other features that are added within Google Apps for Education. We have now added a g-mail account to all LCPS student accounts. You will be informed about any significant changes to the tools your student is using in the secure LCPS environment. 

    ram head Costs and Fees - How much is LCPS paying for this?

    G Suite for Education is free to LCPS. 

    ram head Computer Access - What if I don’t have a computer, how is my child going to get to use it?

    Loudoun County Public Schools supplies access to all web-based resources by providing devices in school and secured wireless Internet access in all buildings for student provided devices. These resources include LoudounVision, G Suite for Education, StudentVUE and Office365. As LCPS G Suite for Education is safe and web-based, it can be accessed from the public library or other places where computers are available.

    ram head Should I get my child their own computer?

    The use of G Suite for Education does not require students to have their own computer or any other personal device. That is an individual family decision. The students will have a student assigned Chromebook (laptop) from the school starting fall of 2019.

    ram head How will my child access G Suite for Education?


    They can login by:
    • Go to drive.google.com and log in using his or her full G Suite mail address (studentid@lcps.org) and password.
    • Google Chrome is the LCPS recommended browser for G Suite for Education. Learn more about other supported browsers HERE.

    ram head Do these apps work on an iPad or other tablet? 

    Google Apps documents may be edited using any mobile browser. Please see Google's support documentation for support of your device.

    ram head Parent Access - Can parents use it?

    Currently only LCPS employees and LCPS students can access G Suite for Education. 

    ram head Can I see what my child is doing on Google Apps?

    Will there be a Parent View account? No, there is not a Parent View account in G Suite. Parents are encouraged to explore Google Apps with their children by logging in to the student account together. You will be able to have your student log in to his or her LCPS Google account at home and show you what they are currently working on in class, as well as items that have been “turned in” and commented on by the teacher.

    ram head Privacy and Security: Online security – How protected is my student from outside people?

    LCPS takes security and privacy of student information very seriously. LCPS Google Apps is not accessible by anyone outside of LCPS, unless documents are purposely shared. Your student will be able to work and collaborate in a safe and secure online environment. Only high school aged students have the ability to e-mail outside of the LCPS organization. All LCPS managed accounts are monitored for inappropriate activity. 

    ram head What are the privacy regulations? 

    LCPS and G Suite for Education comply with legal requirements for safety and security such as the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You can click the link to find out more about GAFE security & privacy, please click additional information for even more. 

    ram head Who has access to my child’s account?

    The G Suite's Terms of Service agreement with LCPS contractually ensures that our institution (students, faculty, and staff) are the sole owners of their data. Google will only access content stored on Apps when an administrator from LCPS grants Google explicit permission to do so. One example would be to investigate inappropriate use. 


    ram head Does my child retain copyright of their creations?

    The same copyright rules apply to content in G Suite for Education that would apply to any other creation, provided the student is the sole owner. 

    ram head What protection will LCPS provide so that my child is not accessing inappropriate content on the web?
    There are no advertisements used with G Suite for Education. It is a secure, online collaboration tool that is accessed using a web browser. Please see our Chromebook Safety and Security page for more info about overall security. 


    ram head Google Apps in the Classroom - What apps are available and how can I expect my child’s teacher to use them?

    • LCPS G Suite for Education will provide students with secure and easy online access to Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, G-mail and more that can be accessed easily from home or school and enhance teacher and student collaboration in the classroom and beyond. 
    • For one example: Teachers can use Google Docs to facilitate group projects and use the history tool to see the level of participation of each student in a group. Teachers will be able to give feedback to students directly in documents shared with a teacher. Turning in assignments will be as easy as sharing the file in Google Docs with the teacher. 

    ram head What if another student deletes their work? 

    The owner is the only person who can delete a document. Once a document is deleted, no one can access it, including those with whom it was shared.

    ram head How will Google Apps reflect in their grade?

    The use of G Suite for Education will not in itself impact grades. Consult with your child’s teachers about individual class requirements.

    ram head Why is Google necessary for the students; can’t the teachers just answer the students’ questions?

    The use of G Suite for Education is another tool LCPS provides to help students and teachers communicate, collaborate, apply critical thinking skills, and work creativity. Teachers will continue to answer students’ questions in the classroom. G Suite for Education provides students an additional opportunity to ask a teacher question electronically, helping students learn to communication in a real world environment. 

    ram head Why use G Suite for Education? Why is the school system doing this? 

    "Digital Citizenship” and “21st Century Skills” are concepts which help teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. Digital Citizenship and 21st Century Skills are more than just a teaching tool; using these tools can be a way to prepare students/technology users for a society full of technology. Too often we are seeing students as well as adults misusing and abusing technology but not sure what to do. The issue is more than what the users do not know, but what is considered appropriate technology usage. Please use the following for more information about being a good digital citizen. 

    ram head What is the value of G Suite for Education?

    Students and teachers can open and edit their documents quickly. No more distractions like USB keys, outdated file attachments, or confusing client software. Anytime, anywhere access Google Docs lets users be productive at school, at home, and even on their mobile phones. Because Google Docs runs in a web browser, students can work from almost any family computer without having to purchase new software. Easily upload and share files Google Docs works on PC, Mac, and Linux computers, and supports popular formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf. Files stored on Google Docs are always accessible and backed-up online. Smarter commenting, better feedback Google Docs' intuitive commenting feature is ideal for instructor and collaborator feedback. Revision history allows users to review document edits over time just to name a few. 

Last Modified on February 27, 2019