• 1:1 Devices (Student Assigned Chromebooks)

  • tech Our school is fortunate to be included in the second phase of a three year initiative to provide  individual learning devices to students in grades 3 through 12. This means that, starting in the  2019-2020 school year, each of our students will be issued a Chromebook for their use at school and at home.


    Having access to a device to support their learning will help our students practice important success  skills that will help them make meaningful contributions to the world. Students will have anytime, anywhere access to the tools, information, and resources that they need to support their learning.


    We plan on distributing devices to students at our kickoff event before the students return to school. For those who can't attend, they will receive their device on the first day of school through homeroom. Once students receive their device, they will be expected to transport their device from school to home and bring it, fully charged and ready to use, to school with them each day.


    When students are issued their device, they will also be provided a Student Device Use Agreement Form. This form reviews the important responsibilities that students are accepting when being issued a device. The agreement form needs to be signed by the student and a parent or guardian before receiving their device at the kickoff event. If the student receives their device on the first day of school the agreement form needs to be signed by the student an a parent or guardian within ten days of receiving the form. If the signed form is not returned to school within that time, students will be required to leave their device at school until the signed form is returned.


    Loudoun County Public Schools is committed to ensuring our students are safe when working online. To help protect our students from harmful or objectionable material, all internet traffic on student devices is filtered through our internet content filters. This filtering is in place regardless of whether students are using their device at home, at school, or any other wireless network. As an extra layer of protection, LCPS is using a monitoring service to scan the contents of students’ email, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for inappropriate or concerning content. If content is flagged, it is reviewed and addressed in a means consistent with the level of concern.


    For more information about this initiative, we have created a variety of resources for you to use.  Please click on the links in this email to learn more about this exciting opportunity from Loudoun County Public Schools:



    Doug Anderson


    Principal, Riverside High School

Last Modified on January 23, 2019