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     Access school files from anywhere!

    Using LCPSGO, you can access files on your H: Drive, OneDrive, or Google Drive when you’re at home or away from the LCPS network.

  • Click here to launch LCPS GO 

    LCPS GO is a website (http://go.lcps.org ) or free app (Classlink Launchpad on Apple or Android devices) that allows students a one-time login experience. This allows them to log in to LCPS GO and access websites and applications at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. LCPS Go works best on the Google Chrome internet browser. 







    You can download the LCPS GO for your Apple or Android device. The app is called "Classlink Launchpad" on through your device store. Click here for detailed directions on downloading the app!

Last Modified on January 18, 2019