• Bullying Prevention Lessons & Education


    Loudoun County Public Schools uses the Second Step Bullying Prevention Program for all elementary students. Second Step is a research-based program which provides training for staff and developmentally appropriate lessons for students. Second Step also has a family component which provides resources to families. The family is able to follow the progression of lessons and do activities at home to reinforce the learning. It’s a school and community-wide approach for bullying prevention.  

    Second Step Lessons will be presented to students by the school counselors in October and November. Each class will receive 4 classroom lessons on bullying prevention. The lessons will  focus on recognizing, reporting and refusing bullying. School counselors also provide bullying prevention training to staff. This training is in addition to the staff-wide Second Step training.  

    Topics Covered in Classroom Counseling Lessons (Students K-5)

    • Being safe, respectful and responsible
    • Recognizing Bullying
    • Reporting Bullying
    • Refusing Bullying
    • Being a bystander who helps stop bullying.
    • Understanding Cyber-Bullying (4th & 5th grades)

    Topics Covered in Staff Professional Development

    • How to identify bullying behavior
    • How to recognize the signs in students who may be bullied
    • How to recognize the signs in students who may be bullying others
    • Roles in bullying
    • Types of bullying
    • Language for addressing bullying situations
    • LCPS Policy 8250
    • School specific reporting procedures
    • How to intervene
    • School specific bullying data