• Bright Knights’ 4Study


    The Bright Knights’ 4Study is a place for all students to come as a structured and nurturing environment for studying, receiving clarity on an assignment or lesson, and being a help to a fellow peer.

    It is a mutual study session where you will be able to help and receive help like a “study buddy.” BKs 4Study is a group that also partners and collaborates with teachers and counselors. As a member you are an active participant with your teachers and classmates for insightful tools to strategize, utilize, and implement diverse ways of mastering study techniques for a better and more enjoyable learning experience.

    Remember this is an interactive study environment. It will be best to come with (a) classmates who are able to partner with you as a study buddy. This is the place for you to be creative and master important learning techniques.

    All Students and Subjects are Welcomed!


    BKs 4Study is in session during study hall blocks or assigned times by teachers or counselors’ permissions.

    Vision and Mission:

    Help for all students to be successful in their academic studies here at John Champe High.

    We want to create and maintain a learning atmosphere where many accolades may be rewarded throughout the school session. We teach good study habits in a relaxed environment to help with understanding your classwork and assignments.

    As a BK we will reenforce participation with rewards of community service hours.

    We want you to have a sense of an accomplishment, that you will be proud to say you are a BK. There are also in group rewards and incentives.

    BKs are here to empower the learner on every grade level. Participates will build relationships with peers, teachers, and counselors alike, to receive helpful insight and to be a good extended learning tool to enhance a learning experience.

    Our goal is to enable, to stretch and challenge your learning capabilities while having fun.     

    Requirements for Membership:

    To be a member you must be a respectful student in class and to your peers.

    Come willing to help and to be comfortable when needing help.

    You must bring your creativity and patience.

    You must have a desire to be successful and an attitude to achieve success.


    Motto:We are all Learners and We are all Teachers”


    Note: Please do not wait until you are in a critical place with your academics.

    This is a win win place to receive and give, mutually, for those who want to utilize their talents and their peer’s talents to share strategies for a great study environment.


    BKs will Comprise of these study activities. This list is not conclusive:

    1. Compare and Contrast
      1. Comparing notes and contrasting ideas
    2. Talk it Out
      1. If you are not able to teach it – you do not fully understand it
      2. This helps to find knowledge gaps
    3. Collaboration on work
      1. Finding sample questions or problems to work on as a group
    4. Creativity is a great attribute
      1. Create, if you can think it - make it
      2. Index it
      3. 3D it
      4. Graph it
      5. Draw it
      6. Map it
    5. <span">Make a study guide
      1. Being proactive and looking ahead
    6. Reviews
      1. Games
      2. Repetitions
      3. Quizlets and Kahoot


Last Modified on October 14, 2021