• 35th Annual Leesburg Car Show

    Presented by the Academies of Loudoun

    October 14, 2023
     Rain Date: October 21, 2023

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    Terms and Conditions for Static Displays of Automobiles

    History:  For over 3 decades, the annual Leesburg Car Show has been a premier family event in historic downtown Leesburg.  The origins of the show go back to a local car club that sponsored and coordinated the event.  For years, students from the old C.S. Monroe Technology Center (Monroe Tech) would volunteer and assist with the show.  This positive partnership evolved with profits from the show being donated to the school as their primary fundraiser.  Eventually, the staff at Monroe Tech assumed full coordination of the event.  When C.S. Monroe Technology Center closed in 2018, the programs became part of the new Academies of Loudoun.  At the Academies of Loudoun, we are proud to continue the tradition of the Leesburg Car Show.  All profits from the event directly support students at the Academies of Loudoun primarily in senior scholarships at the end of the year.  Your support of the Leesburg Car Show and the students at the Academies of Loudoun is greatly appreciated.

    Event Location: Leesburg, VA.  All display vehicles must register and line up at Tuscarora High School, 801 North King Street, Leesburg, VA, 20175.

    Vehicle Requirements:  An emphasis is placed on “classic” cars (25+ years).  While all high-quality vehicles are welcome to participate (regardless of age), only classic cars will be eligible for the specialty awards.  All vehicles, regardless of age, will be eligible for Spectator’s Choice Awards. Motorcycles are also welcome to participate.

    Vehicle Size Limit:  Due to the narrow streets and limited parking available in downtown Leesburg, extra-large/oversized vehicles are not able to participate. Car Show Flyer

    Vehicle Entry Fee: $30 (pre-registration), $35 (day of event)

    Times:  Saturday, October 14, 9:30am-5:00pm

    • 9:30am- Staging area opens (Tuscarora HS)

    • 9:30am- Streets close in downtown Leesburg

    • 10:00am- Participating cars begin moving to downtown Leesburg.

    • 11:00am- Deadline for cars entering staging area at THS.

    • 11:00am- Volunteers begin collecting entrance donations.

    • 12:00pm- Opening remarks and welcome. (Downtown Leesburg)

    • 3:00pm- Voting Ends (Corner of King and Market Streets)

    • 3:30pm- Awards ceremony. (Corner of King and Market Streets)

    • 4:00pm- Display cars begin to disperse.

    • 5:00pm- Streets reopen to the public.

    Staging:  All participating vehicles must be “pre-staged” at Tuscarora HS.  Late entries will not be permitted after 11:00am.

    Procedures to assist with transition from THS to Downtown Leesburg:

    • No oversized or large vehicles that require special consideration when parking.

    • Registration table is in the upper parking lot at THS (front of school).

    • After registering, vehicles move to the lower side lot for line up.

    • Registered vehicles will be lined up in a single file line that will snake through the parking lot.  

    • "First Come/First Lined Up".

    • Note that display parking is random.  Line up order does not indicate preferential parking locations.

    • No reserving or saving places in line.  

    • Cars will be moved in groups to the display area.

    • At the intersection of King/Market, cars will be split and moved into three different directions (4 cars each street) and parked simultaneously.

    • Smaller cars will be parked on South King Street (bump outs blocking streets).

    • Requests for specific parking spots will not be honored. 

    • Attempts will be made to fulfill requests for parking with another car/club (pending availability of open spots).  However, this is not guaranteed.

    Rain Date:  In the event of inclement weather, the show will be rescheduled for October 21, 2023.  In the event that both the original and rain dates are canceled, refunds will be provided within 30 business days.

    Payment Options:

    • Online payment.  Returning patrons:  Please note that “usernames” and/or “passwords” might need to be reset.  If this occurs, please click “Forgot Username/Password?”

    • $30 Regular Registration 

    • $70 Preferred Registration (limit 20) 

    • Mail Payment.  Ensure to include the name that is provided on the registration.

    Academies of Loudoun
    Attn: Car Show
    42075 Loudoun Academy Drive
    Leesburg, VA 20175

    • $35 cash/check on the day of the show in person.  Pending availability.

    • Registrations are not finalized until both the registration form and payment are received. 

    • Participation is limited to 150 vehicles (max that can be parked in downtown Leesburg).

    • Registrations will be processed on a “First come, first served basis” until capacity is reached (150 cars total).  

    • Pre-registration is highly encouraged as the show traditionally sells out (i.e. no guarantee of availability on day of show).

    • Stand-by registration on the day of the show will be processed at 11:00am (pending availability).

    Applications:  Participation in the event is limited to 150 display vehicles.  Once registration applications are received, they will be reviewed and applicants will be notified regarding status.  Note that registration will not be finalized/confirmed until both the registration and payment are received.

    Refunds:  Once accepted to participate in the show, no refunds will be provided if exhibitor cancels or does not participate.

    Exhibit Parking:  Specific parking locations cannot be requested for the show.  We will have 150 parking spaces reserved for the show.  Exhibit line-up will be set at the staging area.  Once roads are closed, exhibit vehicles will move to the downtown location and park in designated spots as directed by event staff.  Suggestion- If you would like to park near another participant, line-up with each other in the staging area.

    Display of Cars:  Once parked, display vehicles will not be permitted to move during the public display hours (12:00pm-4:00pm).  Exhibit vehicles must be open and staffed during all regular hours.  Nothing should be placed on the sidewalks or interfere with the buildings, entrances, or walkways of any businesses or residences.  No signs or banners can be placed on the courthouse fence/gate.

    Professional Behavior:  Leesburg Car Show staff reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine what constitutes professional behavior.  Failure to display professional behavior will result in removal from the event, without refund, and may impact participation in future events.

    Insurance:  All display vehicles must be properly insured by the owners.

    Liability:  Automobile owners as well as exhibitors/participants agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Loudoun County Public Schools, The Town of Leesburg, Academies of Loudoun, its officers, agents, and employees from any claims, damages and actions of any kind or nature, whether at law or inequity, arising from or caused by any services/operations of any kind or nature furnished by the automobile owner/exhibit participant to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, state governing performance thereof, and any provision hereof not permitted by such laws is expressly deleted from said agreement.

    Loudoun County Public Schools, The Town of Leesburg, and the Academies of Loudoun will not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for failure to fulfill this contract due to the reasons of enclosure in which the Leesburg Car Show is held, being strikes, statutes, ordinances, or legal authority or any other act beyond the control of Loudoun County Public Schools, The Town of Leesburg, and the Academies of Loudoun that make it impossible or impractical to hold Leesburg Car Show.   Loudoun County Public Schools, The Town of Leesburg, and the Academies of Loudoun will not be liable for any damage done by exhibitors/participants or vendors by public/private property during set up, tear down and regular operation of the event.

    In acceptance of the right to participate, I hereby release Loudoun County Public Schools, The Town of Leesburg, and the Academies of Loudoun and anyone connected with the managements or presentation of this event from any know liabilities, including but not limited to property damage, injury, death, that may be suffered by any entrant or spectator.

    Awards Categories: Ford, Lincoln/Mercury, Mustang, Chevrolet, Buick/Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, Corvette, Camaro, Mopar, Import, Truck, Cobra, Rat Rod, Custom, Pre-1940, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Principal’s Choice, Mayor’s Choice, Leesburg Police Choice, Town of Leesburg Choice, Top 10 Spectators Choice

    Register for the 2023 Car Show!
    2023 Registration Form

    Regular Payments
    VIP Payments - full

    2023 Show Reminders
    2023 Show Reminders

  • Car Show Awards 2022

    2022 Leesburg Car Show Results
    Mayor’s Choice- Gerald Foley 1969 Ford Bronco
    Leesburg Police Choice- Steven Baxter 1976 Ford Bronco
    Town of Leesburg Choice- Ron Brooks 1970 Chevy Chevelle
    Ford- Jill Fisher 1956 Ford Thunderbird
    Lincoln/Mercury- Jerry Regier 1953 Mercury Monterey
    Mustang- Thomas Terjesen 1965 Ford Mustang
    Chevrolet- Benton Rhee 1971 Chevy Chevelle
    Buick/Oldsmobile- Michael Horton 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    Pontiac- Robert Harris 1970 GTO
    Corvette- Ralph Thode 1965 Corvette
    Camero- Anthony Taylor 1969 Camero
    Mopar- Mark Cronin 1972 Plymouth Cuda
    Import- Russ Brown 1972 Ferrari 250
    Truck- Paul Ferrari 1953 Chevy 3100
    Cobra- Richard Harrison 1964 Cobra
    Rat Rod- Cliff Baker 1928 Ford
    Custom- Michael Rollison 1969 Chevy Camero
    Pre-1940- Matt O’Donnell Ford Model A
    40’s- Palmer Robeson 1944 Jeep
    50’s- Jeffery Snyder 1955 Chevy 210
    60’s- Joe Mullen 1969 Chevy Camero
    70’s- Michael Murter 1971 Corvette
    80’s- Joseph Yeglic 1981 Delorean DMC-12

    Spectator's Choice
    Mark Rodenburg 1967 Ford Shelby GT 350
    Palmer Robeson 1944 Jeep MB
    Joe Mullen 1932 Ford Coupe
    Richard Harrison 1936 Streetrod
    Quang Cipara 1996 Acura NSX
    Joseph Yeglic 1981 Delorean DMC-12
    Allen Bowie 1969 Corvette
    Mike Emerson 1956 Buick Century

    Spectator’s Choice Best of Show
    Cliff Baker 1928 Ford Rat Rod

  • Car Show Awards 2021

    Leesburg Car Show, October 2, 2021- Results


    Ford/Lincoln/Mercury- #77 John Libermann 55 Ford

    General Motors- #45 Corey Fogel 66 Pontiac GTO

    Chevrolet- Murter 71 Corvette

    Mopar- #22 Leroy Frye 69 Plymouth Road Runner

    Import- #107 Phillip Ray 65 Austin Healey 3000

    Truck- #156 Joe Mullen 69 Chevrolet

    Corvette- #36 Anthony DelSignore 66 Corvette

    Camero- #136 Tony Taylor 67 Camero

    Mustang- #18 Bill Bull 65 Mustang

    Cobra- #32 John Davis 65 Cobra

    Rat Rod- #3 Cliff Baker 28 Ford

    Custom- #47 Tim Eastep 39 Chevrolet

    Pre-50s- #53 Richard Harrison 35 Chevy

    50s- #64 Tom Jeffries 55 Chevrolet Bel-Air

    60s- #40 Doug Eggers 67 Chevrolet Camero

    70s- #16 Ron Brooks 70 Chevrolet Chevelle

    80s- Don Neubauer 85 Chevrolet Silverado

    Principal’s Choice- #135 Lisa Taylor 69 Chevrolet Camero

    Mayor’s Choice- #91 James Nevins 85 Porsche 928

    Leesburg Police Choice- #154 Jim Erickson 66 Corvette

    Town of Leesburg Choice- #34 Deener 57 Chevrolet Nomad

    Spectator’s Choice- #79 Peter Linzmeyer 38 Packard

    Spectator’s Choice- #13 Allen Bowie 69 Corvette

    Spectator’s Choice- #157 Joe Mullen 59 Chevy Apache

    Spectator’s Choice- #152 Mark Rollison 69 Camero

    Spectator’s Choice- #107 Phillip Ray 65 Austin Healey 3000

    Spectator’s Choice- #77 John Libermann 55 Chevrolet

    Spectator’s Choice- #156 Joe Mullen 69 Chevrolet Camero

    Spectator’s Choice- #8 Victor Baskerville 60 Willys Wagon

    Spectator’s Choice- #95 Palmer Robeson 44 Willys Jeep

    Spectator’s Choice “Best of Show”- #25 Anthony Cipara 96 Acura NSX


  • Car Show Awards from 2019


    32nd Annual Leesburg Car Show Awards-

    September 14, 2019


    Ford/Lincoln/Mercury- James Rentsch ‘54 Lincoln Premier

    GM- Brad Smith ’68 Pontiac GTO

    Chevy- Roger Blanchard ’59 Impala

    Mopar- Joe Kaylor ’74 Dodge Challenger

    Import- Phil Ray ’65 Austin Healey 3000

    Truck- Bill Steele ’66 C10

    Corvette- Tony DelSignore ’66 Corvette

    Camero- Michael Rollison ’69 Camero

    Mustang- David Wolf ’68 Mustang

    Cobra- John Marcus ’65 Ford Cobra Roadster

    Rat Rod- Victor Baskerville ’31 Ford

    Custom- Butch Mayo ’27 Ford T-Bucket


    Principal’s Choice- Paul/Kim Yeager ’69 Ford Shelby Cobra

    Mayor’s Choice- Kristina Plumley ’32 Roadster

    Leesburg Police Choice- Steve Puckett ’66 Ford Mustang


    Spectator’s Choice

     Paul/Kim Yeager ’69 Ford Shelby Cobra

    Jeff Helmick ’64 Cadillac Coupe-de-Ville

    Cliff Baker ’28 Ford 2 door sedan

    John Liebermann ’55 Ford

    Peter Rohrhofer ’55 Porsche 550 Spider

    James Rentsch ’54 Lincoln Premiere

    James Rentsch ’59 Chevy Impala


    Best of Show

     Tony DelSignore ’66 Chevy Corvette