•          Mr. LaRue, Ms. Neri, Ms. Carra and Mrs. Gwizdala
           Mr. LaRue, Mrs. Neri, Mrs. Carra and Mrs. Gwizdala
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     6th Grade & Rising 7th Grade Counselor

    Carl LaRue, Lead Counselor

    Carl LaRue

    7th Grade & Rising 8th Grade Counselor

     Ann Neri

    Ann Neri

    8th Grade & Rising 6th Grade Counselor

    Janae Gwizdala

    Janae Gwizdala


    6th - 8th Grades ELL Students

    Mrs. Carra

    Monica Carra

    Special Programs

    • Students Assistance Referrals: LCPS has contracted with LCMental Health to have a counselor available to meet with students as needed.  Parents and counselors may refer students to this program who are experiencing personal or social difficulties.


    • Substance Abuse Referrals: This program emphasizes the understanding and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.  Students with potential alcohol or drug abuse may be referred for educational services.