• Department of Instruction

  • In Loudoun County Public Schools, our purpose is for all students to make meaningful contributions to the world.  The way we do that is through designing authentic, challenging learning experiences for Deeper Learning

     We have many instructional and assessment approaches to get us to authentic and deeper learning, including Project-Based Learning (PBL), Performance-Based Assessments (PBA), and Personalized Learning (PL).

     We provide equitable learning opportunities and supports that lead to deeper learning for all students.

  • Equity

    More about Equity @ LCPS...

  • Research, Assessment, and School Improvement

    The Division of Research, Assessment, and School Improvement (RASI) is responsible for the planning, administration, and use of assessments of student learning; administration of data requests, surveys, and program evaluations; and support of the continuous improvement of school and division practices to meet the needs of all students in the School Division.  More about RASI...

  • English Learners

    The LCPS English Learners (EL) Program is dedicated to empowering ELs to make meaningful contributions to the world by providing ELs with the necessary language skills to become independent, productive, and successful members of society.   More about English Learners...

  • Chief of Schools

    • The Chief of Schools provides leadership and support to all school principals and leads schools in a continuous school improvement process designed to accomplish the mission and strategic goals established by the school division. The Chief of Schools oversees all schools, academies, programs PK-12, and the Virtual Loudoun program.  More about Chief of Schools...

  • Elementary Education

    The Office of Elementary Education (OEE) focuses its efforts on developing school-based leadership in the area of instructional improvement. Support is provided to school administrators on creating and monitoring school improvement plans, implementing the new teacher performance evaluation system, and ensuring that quality assessment practices are used to determine student progress. This office works collaboratively with the Department of Instructional Services and elementary schools to promote individual achievement in a learning environment where equal access is provided for all students.

    The mission of Loudoun County Elementary Schools is to create and maintain an environment that ensures a high level of growth and academic achievement for each student as measured by national, state, and district standards.

  • Middle School Education

    The Office of Middle School Education works to promote high academic achievement in a learning environment that provides equal access to all students.  The Director of Middle School Education is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of middle school principals and provides the focus for purposeful leadership in implementing the school improvement process throughout the middle schools within our division.  Office of Middle School Education.

  • High School Education

    The Office of High School Education works collaboratively with the Department of Instruction and High Schools to systemically promote individual achievement and post secondary readiness. Office of High School Education.

  • Division of Professional Learning

    The Division of Professional Learning provides leadership and coordination in administering a variety of professional learning programs to the school division. These Offices within the Division of Professional Learning include: Culturally Responsive Instruction, Educational Technology, Instructional Facilitators, Leadership Development, and Professional Learning.



  • Teaching and Learning

    The LCPS Office of Teaching and Learning consists of the following areas: Art, Career and Technical Education, Community Connections, Computer Science, Driver Education, Family Life, Gifted and Talented Education, Health, P.E., English/Reading-Secondary, Library and Media Services, Math, Music, Performing Arts, Reading and Writing-Elementary, Science, Social Science & Global Studies, and World Languages and Cultures.  More about Office of Teaching and Learning....


  • School Administration

    The office of School Administration builds capacity with principals, assistant principals and deans by facilitating effective communication, reducing complaints, and supporting a positive learning environment for students, staff, parents and community. The Director of School Administration supports the Athletics Program in providing opportunities for students to extend learning beyond the classroom and to promote the physical, mental, moral and social development of the participants. Our Athletic Programs support the academic mission of the school system and provide lifelong lessons in the value of teamwork, hard work, and common sacrifice for a goal, all within the values of good sportsmanship and honor. More about Office of School Administration....



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