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CAMPUS Program

What is CAMPUS: 

CAMPUS (College Achievement Minority Program for Unique Students) is an academic and college preparation program designed to meet the specific needs of students from historically underrepresented groups in higher education and prospective first-generation college student in Loudoun County Public Schools.  

A LCPS guidance initiative, CAMPUS began in the spring of 2002.  The program now serves close to 500 students in grades 9 -12.  CAMPUS seeks to provide support and encouragement to students who demonstrate the ability to achieve academic success and college admission.  

Students must commit to attending mandatory CAMPUS meetings and/or classes during the school day and to attending CAMPUS activities throughout the year.  Parents are also an integral part of CAMPUS and its success.  Parents are asked to participate in CAMPUS initiatives and to support their children in the college search and application process. Admission to and graduation from college are among the goals of the CAMPUS program. 



Goals of CAMPUS:

  • Assist students in achieving academic success in high school
  • Provide opportunities for leadership development of all students
  • Assist students in gaining admission to the college of their choice
  • Assist students in obtaining financial aid for college
  • Ensure students are prepared to be successful in their college experiences


CAMPUS supports students through:

  • Academic enrichment and support
  • Self-advocacy skills development
  • Leadership development
  • College and university visits
  • College and scholarship preparation
  • Careful course selection
  • Community service projects and activities.


Contact Information:

CAMPUS Facilitator: 

Phone: 5407512400


CAMPUS Coordinator


Phone: 5407512407

CAMPUS Program Manager: Chris Clarke

Phone: (571) 252-1017  
Fax: (571) 252-1245

Last Modified on March 4, 2019