•  Social Science Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
      Slippery Rock University
      George Mason University 
    Mr. Segerdahl was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. Mr. Segerdahl earned an undergraduate degree at Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, Pa. in 1989. Later, Mr. Segerdahl earned a Masters degree in History at George Mason University.   Among the subjects taught by Mr. Segerdahl have been US History, World History, AP World History, Philosophy, Comparative Religions and Government . During the first 11 years, Mr. Segerdahl taught and coached football and softball at Loudoun County High School. Upon moving to Heritage High School, Mr. Segerdahl assumed the role of department head of Social Science.

     Course Information

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    Vision Courses

    A1-Plan l410 B5- Plan
    A2-WH2 A L204 B6-AP WH L405
    A3-Study Hall L505 B7US DE L504
    A4-AP WH L204 B8-Chair Meetings Office
    Courses above are linked to online learning environments housed collectively in Loudoun County's Vision Site.  Course information, homework, and other forms of communication will be housed in these locations for each Heritage teacher. 
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