•  English Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
    Baylor University 
    Catholic University
    Ms. Littell taught ninth and eleventh grade English in Texas before arriving in Loudoun County in 2005.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English from Baylor University.  In the Summer of 2011, Ms. Littell finished a Master's Program in Library and Information Systems through Catholic University.  In her spare time, Ms. Littell enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling.
     Course Information
    A1- English 11H B5- English 10H
    A2- English 10H B6- English 11H
    A3- RWC B7- English 11H
    A4- CLT Planning B8- English 11H
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    Courses above are linked to Ms. Littell's online learning environments. The agenda and homework for each class are found on the home page. Other course documents can be accessed and downloaded on these sites. Please email Ms. Littell with any difficulties.
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