• Briar Strong


    Briar Strong Peer Leaders are a diverse group of individuals who leverage their personal and collective leadership qualities as well as their social influence in leading the charge in norming and culture change campaigns using strength-based messages to impact multiple issues including suicide.


    Mission – Briar Strong is a group of diverse students from many different corners and cultures of the Briar Woods school community committed to becoming connectors of help and positivity to those in need by spreading the message of hope, help and strength. This group of student implements the ideas from Sources of Strength to positively impact the school.


    Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors collaboratively work to develop campaigns focusing on positive messaging that engage students in the BWHS community. Peer leaders come from many different backgrounds and social groups.


    So, if you are interested in spreading hope, help, and strength throughout your community, feel free to reach out or get in touch now! We have an annual training that happens early in the fall, so contact us ASAP!


    Contact Ms. Kristin Quimby (School Social Worker) with any questions.



     The 8 Strengths! SOS