• PBIS at Goshen Post

    When the Goshen Post PBIS team met to plan the launch of their school-wide behavior system, they decided to focus on how to make sure students had a connection throughout the school with other students and staff members.  Opening a new school puts the students in a unique situation; they won’t see their teacher from last year in the halls or everyone from their previous classes in the cafeteria, for example. So, the challenge became: how can the students of Goshen Post be supported in their transition to a new school and help build a school community?

    The team concluded that implementing a house system school-wide was the answer!  The benefits became apparent once the details began to get discussed. Students can make connections with other student’s kindergarten through fifth grade, as well as ensure that the students who receive services in a self-contained setting are able to connect with their general education peers.  The houses create smaller, family-like groups within the student body to which a student will belong for their entire time at Goshen Post. The entire staff of Goshen Post is also split among the four houses, ensuring that among each grade level and school-wide, staff can build a relationship between each student’s family and the school which will remain constant, even as they change grade levels and teachers.  This also provides each student at least one consistent adult who will support and advise them throughout their career at Goshen Post. Another benefit is to instill responsibility in older students through leadership roles within their houses, such as by being a house leader for their class or the entire school or mentoring other students.  

     Each house was named for one of the four C’s, that aligns with PBIS goals and expectations.  Each house at Goshen post represents; Creators, Critical Thinkers, Collaborators, and Communicators.  Each week, students will meet with their house members to discuss student success, and student room for improvement.  During the week, students will have many opportunities, to earn house points.  Teachers will tally up the house points at the end of the week.  Students with the most house points at the end of the week, will be celebrated school wide on the daily morning show.  These house winners, will serve as role models, as well as retain bragging rights for the week and, serve as ambassadors of Goshen Post’s behavior expectations.  

     Ultimately, the goal is to decrease negative behaviors by building a sense of social responsibility and accountability as they are working to earn house points that everyone in their house can benefit from.  This can develop a sense that they are working towards something bigger than themselves.

     As Goshen Post moves past its first year, the houses provide a system for new students to be mentored and integrated into the student body, as well as have an instant place they belong.

     At Goshen Post, we aligned our PBIS goals with our school goals that state; We are always responsible, respectful, and resilient.  These three R’s are the consistent overarching expectations, students at Goshen Post Elementary school are expected to embody daily.  Students are also encouraged to show the 3 R’s in the lunchroom, in their classrooms, during dismissal and during arrival times.  Our PBIS goals also align with Goshen Post’s Project Based Learning instructional practices and vision of “creating authentic learning experiences for every child, every day.” Utilizing the PBIS system, enables students at Goshen Post to create a sense of purpose by fostering positive student-teacher relationships. These relationships build a sense of social responsibility through positive behavior reinforcement, which ultimately, creates a learning environment of respect and responsibility.

     We introduced PBIS schoolwide with a magnificent PBIS assembly.  Students gathered in designated areas of our school, by their houses.  Each house leader, led the students in cheers, chants, songs, secret handshakes, and surprise performances by staff.  Mr. Klippel, our Principal, even rapped for the students in his house.  The students were pumped, eager, and excited to begin earning house points.  Additionally, Goshen Post has implemented red, yellow, and green zones.  Each staff member has a lanyard that signifies each zone.  Zone colors are outlined and posted schoolwide.  These posters provide positive, non-verbal feedback to the students highlighting and reinforcing expected behavior at Goshen Post.  We are committed to cultivating a positive environment at Goshen Post Elementary school.  An environment where students and staff are committed to supporting PBIS, to support positive student behaviors. 

Last Modified on May 17, 2024