•  Band and Orchestra Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
    Virginia Tech 
    Shenandoah University
    Colorado State University
    Mr. Herrmann was born in California and was raised for most of his life in Burke, Virginia. He attended Virginia Tech, earning a degree in Music Education.  His first job was in Patrick County, VA where Mr. Herrmann taught elementary (K-7) general music and choir and band as well as High School (8-12) Choir, while also being the assistant marching band director. After two years, Mr. Herrmann decided to move closer to his family in Northern Virginia, and took a job at Sterling Middle School teaching band and general music.  After several years there, Mr. Herrmann was given the opportunity to open Heritage High School as the Head Band Director, and has been here since opening day.

     Course Information
    All courses are subject to VBODA affilitation.   All VBODA event information is listed here.
    All information for music courses can be accessed through www.charmsoffice.com
    A1- Symphonic Band B5- Percussion
    A2-Jazz Band
    B6- CLT
    B7- Concert Band 
    A4- Auditorium/Tech Theatre B8- Department Chair
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     Marhcing Band Director                             Musical Conductor                                       
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    520 Evergreen Mills Road SE Leesburg, VA 20175