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    University of Georgia 
    George Mason University
    Ms. Good has been serving as a Reading Specialist in Loudoun County for the past 14 years.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education from University of Georgia and a Master's degree in Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning with a focus in literacy from George Mason University.  She currently teaches four classes entitled 21st Century Literacy. She also is the literacy coach and is available to assist all of Heritage's classroom teachers in regards to motivating and supporting all students in all classes to be successful readers.  And she works with other English teachers to help support students in the Reading and Writing Center which is located in room 311 and open to all students during their study hall.    

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    A1-Planning B5- 21st Century Literacy
    A2- 21st Century Literacy    B6-21st Century LIteracy
    A3- 21st Century Literacy B7- Planning
    A4- Reading & Writing Center  B8- ELL small group support
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