•  Chemistry Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
    NOVA College 
    George Mason University
    Cheri Faley has taught chemistry for 27 years.
    I have had the good fortune of working with students in Independent Science Research and all levels of chemistry...from Physical Science, to Chem Tech, to Academic, to Gifted and Talented, and last, but not least, Advanced Placement. Your students are in for a wonderful ride this year as we travel through this exciting subject together. Besides learning how chemistry impacts every single aspect of their lives, they will be challenged to think outside the box!
    My original career path was to fly Navy jets, but my time as a midshipman at the USNA was cut short by a car accident. After being a patient, I decided to enter the medical profession and attended NVCC where I received my Associates of Applied Science in Nursing in 1982. I became a Registered Nurse and worked in the intensive care and emergency room both as a civilian (1982 -1992) and as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve (1988 - 1995). After meeting my husband and deciding to start a family, I attended George Mason University where I completed a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry in 1989 and a Masters of Education in 1998.
    I started my teaching career in 1990 at Robinson Intermediate (Farifax, VA) and then transferred to Oakton High School (Vienna, VA) where I worked for eight wonderful years. When my family moved to Loudoun County, I helped open up Stone Bridge High School, where I worked for an awesome five years.
    This is my 13th year at Heritage High. Go Pride!! I transferred here to help shape the Chemistry and AP Chemistry program and to be where my own children attended high school! I thoroughly enjoy my subject and am excited to be teaching your children!!
    I am available for help most days or by appointment. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time with any questions or concerns

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    A1- Science Center B5- Research Chemistry 
    A2- CLT Planning B6- AP Chemistry
    A3- AP Chemistry B7- Planning
    A4- Chemistry B8-AP Chemistry
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