Deputy Gary Ace

    School Resource Officer

    Loudoun County Sheriff's office
    E-mail:  gary.ace@Loudoun.gov
    Deputy Ace

    Deputy Ace began his career with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in 2006 and as a recruit, he was elected as his academy class President.  He served as a patrol deputy in all parts of Loudoun County and was selected to be an SRO in 2016.  Before becoming a Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputy, he served in the US Army for over 24 years in various command and staff positions throughout the world as an airborne-ranger qualified infantryman.  While in the military, Deputy Ace earned a Master of Science Degree in Management from Troy State University.  During the period of 2008-2013, he took a break in his service from the Sheriff’s Office to perform the duties of Senior Manager with Lockheed Martin and he deployed to Iraq to support US Army units in the forward deployed combat zone.  During Deputy Ace’s time with Lockheed Martin, he earned a green belt in the Lean Six Sigma efficiency and effectiveness improvement process. Deputy Ace volunteered to become an SRO because he wants to encourage kids make good decisions and to proactively help them understand the consequences of their actions. Deputy Ace and his wife are very proud of their three boys who graduated from Briar Woods High School, and then one went on to graduate from UVA and NYU law school, one graduated from JMU, and his youngest son is a senior at VT and graduates in May 2019. 


    The SRO’s Roles are;

    - Law enforcement officer,

    - Law-related educator, and

    - Informal mentor / role model.


    The main Goals of the SRO Program are;

    - To create and maintain a safe and secure school environment.

    - Increase positive attitudes toward law enforcement.

    - To teach the value of our legal system.

    - Promote respect for people and property.

    - Reduce juvenile delinquency by helping students formulate an awareness of rules, authority, and justice.



    Resources to help Prevent or Resolve juvenile problems:


    Emergency Mental Health Services (24/7): 703-777-0320


    Mental Health Services: 703-771-5100  Call for help, if you or someone you care about is affected by:

       - Depression or anxiety

       - Relationship problems with parents, friends, or family members

       - Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

       - Alcohol or substance abuse problems


    "I Hate You!" These are words you never dreamed you'd hear from your own child. You are not alone. There is help. Are you experiencing any of the following extreme behavior problems with your teen? The Loudoun Family Connections program will give you the tools to take charge of your home again.

    - Drug and alcohol abuse

    - Failing grades

    - Running away

    - Severe disrespect

    - Suicidal thoughts

    - Truancy

    - Violence

    Contact FAMILY CONNECTIONS for help.


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