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    Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
    Virginia Tech
    Ronald Fabin graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Art Education.  He received his Masters of Arts in Education from Virginia Tech in 1988.  Mr. Fabin is a Fulbright Scholar, spending one year teaching  in a Comprehensive School in Northern England.  This experience enabled him to study art in Europe, Russia and Egypt in addition to the United Kingdom. In 1998, Mr. Fabin was selected to participate in the Japanese Fulbright Memorial Fund Program.   Funded by the Japanese government, he was granted a three-week study tour of Japan, with emphasis on Japanese government, education, history and culture.  After twenty-one years in the Winchester Public Schools System, Mr. Fabin taught one year at Stone Bridge High School before opening the Art Department at Heritage. 
         Appointed by the Governor, Mr. Fabin served as a Commissioner for the Arts in Virginia. He also served on the board of the Virginia Art Education Association (VAEA) for nine years, including two years as President.  Mr. Fabin also served as President of the Blue Ridge Fine Arts League, as well as PTO President of Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School in Winchester, in 2008.                           
         The Blue Ridge Region of the VAEA named Mr. Fabin the Secondary Art Teacher of the Year in 1993.  Additionally, he was recognized, by the VAEA in 2003 as the Virginia Art Educator of the Year.
        After retiring in July, 2017,  Mr. Fabin recently returned to Heritage High School where he teaches part time (B-days), providing instruction in Art 1, Art 3, Art 4 and AP Studio Art.

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