• So Positive


    The company So Positive LLC sponsors the SPI club, which stands for the So Positive Initiative. Alana Andrews, founder and CEO of So Positive and a student at Potomac Falls, wanted to extend the company's message into the schools. Thus SPI was created. SPI's mission is to enhance positivity and self-confidence within the youth.


    Club Officers:                                                                                                                     So Positive LLC

    President: Alana Andrews                                                                                                   www.sopositiveinc.com

    Vice Presidents: MaryAnna Nguyen, Clara Salazar


    Sponsor: Mr. Longchamp                                                                                                   Email: alana@sopositiveinc.com


    Our club will be going to the elementary schools in our area to speak with 5th graders about topics regarding positivity and high self-confidence in an assembly type of environment. If club members are not interested in speaking to the students, they can choose to help write the content of what we will deliver, and/or be in the tech crew.


    When we speak to the students we will also have:

    - Games      - Role Play      - Panel Discussions


    The club includes:

    - Volunteer Hours   - Free Breakfast on Assembly Days




    Club Meetings:

    SPI meets every Thursday in room 147 from 8:30 - 9 AM.