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    Profe. Virginia Gutierrez:

    Hola, I was born, raised and educated in Mexico, Mexico City. I earned a Master’s degree in Sociology and taught Social Sciences at University of Puebla.

    Washington: I went to Georgetown University to study Hispanic Literature, where I earned my second Master’s degree.

    Personnal Interests: I like to read, travel, ride my bike, go sailing, practicing yoga and I love music.

    I enjoy dancing, going to the movies and cooking.

    I studied different languages: English, French, Portuguese and Latin. I could say that I’m bilingual and bicultural.

    I enjoy living in different cultures and having different perspectives. 

    This is my third-year teaching Middle School level (third time is a charm!) in Loudoun County. I’m teaching Spanish 1 at Eagle Ridge MS and SFS I and II at SMMS.

    I hope this year my students would enjoy our class. 



    Contact Information

    I teach Spanish 1 at Eagle Ridge Middle School on A days.

    I teach SFS I and II at Smart’s Mill Middle School on B days.

    I prefer to be contacted by e-mail at virginia.gutierrez@lcps.org