• Krista Rogers Photo Guten Tag und Herzlich Wilkommen!


    I'm very pleased to be joining the staff of Eagle Ridge and Smarts Mill middle schools in 2018-19 as your German teacher. When I left the tiny town of Johnsonburg in northwestern Pennsylvania to be an exchange student near Nürnberg, Germany, at age seventeen, and it was the first step of a great adventure that continues to this day. What adventure awaits you, I wonder!


    This is my second year teaching German, and my first year in Loudon County. I came to teaching in 2013, after studying international affairs, spending nearly four years doing research in Germany and Austria, and working as a staffer and researcher in the think-tank world of Washington, DC. I look forward to getting to know my students, exploring the German language and culture with you, and having a great school year. Taking a foreign language is a big step into the unknown, but one we will take together. 


    View my favorite video on learning to speak a foreign language from the folks at Easy German.



    Course Descriptions


    Please find below the syllabi for German I and II, which describe the courses in detail. 


    German I syllabus

    German II syllabus


    Material for both courses is drawn from a variety of textbooks and online resource banks, and is made available in Google Classroom. Vocabulary lists can be found in Quizlet (search for Krista_Rogers1).



    Where to Find Me, Contact Information


    A days: I teach at Smarts Mill Middle School on A days. I can be found in the library during blocks 5/6 (after I eat lunch in the House B lounge), and in Art 2 immediately before and after school.


    B days: I teach at Eagle Ridge Middle School on B days. My classroom is Computer Lab 2, and when I am not teaching or helping out at lunch, I can be found there.


    Outside school hours, I can be reached by e-mail at krista.rogers@lcps.org or by cell phone at (202) 550-6583 with questions. For urgent requests only, please text (and include your name).