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    Liberty AAA Safety Patrols are a group of students who were selected at the end of their fourth grade year to represent our school during their fifth grade year. As a patrol, they set a positive example for other students and help to keep their classmates safe. Information on this program can be found at https://schoolsafetypatrol.aaa.com/. If you have any questions regarding Liberty's AAA Safety Patrol Program, please contact any of our Patrol sponsors. If you have any questions or if you will not be at your patrol assignment because of an absence, please e-mail Mrs. Worthley to let her know.  

    The Liberty AAA Safety Patrol Handbook includes many important resources including Patrol responsibilities, helpful reminders, and information to care for your Patrol belt and badge.  


    Safety Patrol Sponsors:

    Mrs. Worthley

    Mrs. Luik

    Ms. Peckham

    Ms. G




    Folding Your Safety Patrol Belt


    Patrol Member’s Pledge


    I promise to do my best to …

    Report for duty on time.

    Perform my duties faithfully.

    Strive to prevent injuries, always setting a good example myself.

    Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol.

    Report dangerous student practices.

    Strive to earn the respect of fellow students.