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    Hello, welcome to the activities page at the Academies of Loudoun! My name is Mary Doherty and I am the Activities Coordinator at ACL. We encourage students to be involved in clubs and organizations to gain a deeper understanding of concepts learned in the classroom as well as meet new people who share common interests. Our goal for clubs and organizations is to allow students to explore areas of interests while building collaboration skills and a sense of community at the Academies of Loudoun.

    To begin your own club or organization at ACL, please visit the application page.

    At the end of the year a Club officer must fill out the evaluation form. It will be evaluated and your answers will be sent to the club sponsor for approval

    End of Year Evaluation Form


    Please check back often as things will be updated as needed. If you have any other questions, I invite you to contact me by my email, mary.doherty@lcps.org or call ACL at 571-252-1980.