• Mrs. Schamel

     Virtual School Office Hours: I will be checking email and Classroom for office hours from 1-2 pm each day. I will check both regularly throughout the normal school day hours as well.

    A note for mid-May: I am due with my second baby girl on May 23. While this obviously looks a little different for virtual school, Mr. Phil Graves should still be filling in as my long term substitute for the last few weeks of school. I will still be accessible as much as possible to help wrap up the year.


    A bit about me, assuming that you came to this page to find out: This is my second year here at Freedom High School, and my fourth year teaching. I was born and raised here in Loudoun, and after 4.5 years getting my bachelor's in English and my master's in Teaching from the University of Virginia, I returned to begin my career. In my four years, I have taught at Seneca Ridge Middle, Mercer Middle, John Champe High, and Freedom High. I am teaching 10th and 12th grade English again this year.

    On a more personal level, I enjoy arts and crafts, musicals, autumn, water skiing at Lake Anna, and coffee. I also welcomed my first baby girl, Clara, in November 2018. Expect to see many pictures of her ever-changing expressions.



    Block 1: English 10H (L603)                   Block 5: English 12A (L603)

    Block 2: Planning (509)                          Block 6: English 10H (L603)

    Block 3: Study Hall (510)                       Block 7: Planning (509)

    Block 4: English 12A (L603)                  Block 8: English 10H (L603)


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