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    Name:  Joan J. Lewis-Osborne

    Department:  Social Science & Global Studies

    Email: Joan.Lewis-Osborne@lcps.org

    Room:  600/219

    Planning Block: 1st Period/6th Period


    2018-2019 is Ms. Lewis-Osborne's first year teaching at Freedom High School, but her 11th year teaching high school students.  Ms. Lewis-Osborne has an A.B. in History from Harvard College and a J.D. from the New York University School of Law.  She practiced law for twelve years on Wall Street and at two Fortune 500 Companies before leaving to earn her teaching licensure.

    Courses:                                 Schedule:

    US/VA Government                              
    Personal Finance

    Block 1:  Planning (207)

    Block 2:  US/VA Gov (600)

    Block 3:  US/VA Gov  (600)

    Block 4:  Personal Finance (600)

    Block 5: Study Hall (221)

    Block 6:  Planning (207)

    Block 7:  Personal Finance (219)

    Block 8 :  Government (219)






















    Current Grades 

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    Contact Information
    Freedom High School | 25450 Riding Center Drive | South Riding, VA
    P: (703)957-4300 | F:(703)542-2086