• LCHS Transition Teacher: Alyssa Casanova     

    I am eager to start my 5th year (2nd year as the Transition teacher) at LCHS.

    So what is a Transition teacher? Well, I help students and families navigate life after high school. For many students, I help support them in career exploration so they can find the right path for them. I can also offer resources for out of the box options and supports after you graduate. For some families with more significant challenges and needs, I help connect students with adult support agencies such as DARS and MHSADS that students may benefit from after high school. In addition, I help establish work opportunities and Community Independence Instruction for students to gain hands-on, real world experiences before leaving high school. Lastly, I help teach students workplace readiness and life skills such as self advocacy, social skills, budgeting, independent living skills etc. so they are ready to tackle life as an independent adult!

    You can reach me through email or phone:

    E-mail Ms. Casanova

    Phone- (571)-252-2000 ex: 83406