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    Lynchburg College 
    George Mason University
    Mr. Boring has been a Physical Education teacher in Loudoun County for 16 years. I am currently the Department Chair at Heritage for the Health, Physical and Driver Education department. I graduated from Lynchburg College in 2001 with a degree in Sports Medicine. I went on to receive my Masters from George Mason University (2003) in Exercise, Fitness, and Health Promotion. I have taught at both the Elementary and High School levels and both have been extremely rewarding. I have embraced our new guidelines in PE with more of a focus on health related movement. We as a department try to have the students active as much as possible and have brought in life long activity concepts that we hope the students will benefit from. 
        My family and I are extremely active.  My wife and two boys mean the world to me.  I coach both of their football teams (Titans) and (Bengals) and enjoy watching them play when participating in their basketball, baseball and lacrosse seasons. My wife is also a PE teacher in the county and we enjoy bouncing ideas off one another about how to keep kids active. I hope everyone is eager to get started.
    Hope to meet each and everyone of you during this school year.

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    A1- Strength & Conditioning  B5- Advanced PE
    A2- Planning B6- H/PE 10
    A3- Outdoor Ed B7- H/PE 10

    A4- Outdoor Ed 

    B8- Dept Chair
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