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    Chia Richardson received her degree in Civil Engineering from MIT.  After spending 5 years in the field working on various public works projects, including the Big Dig in Boston, she decided that line of work wasn't for her and she switched careers to become a math teacher.

    Chia is a huge believer in helping each student develop a strong number sense as mathematics is, and should be, so much more than memorizing algorithms and short cuts.

    Chia is an avid board gamer and tries to bring her love of games into each of her Algebra 1 (her favorite subject!) classrooms.

    Richardson 2020 - 2021 Schedule:

     1st   Algebra 1  5th  Off Campus
     2nd   Algebra 1  6th  Off Campus
     3rd   Algebra 1  7th  Off Campus
     4th   Planning  8th  Off Campus
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