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    Falcon Image Eric Nickerson M.S. Ed
     English Teacher & Literary sherpa

    Mr. Nickerson pursued and ultimately tackled his bachelor's degree in English at Clemson University. The beast was formidable and put up worthy fight, but Mr. Nickerson prevailed and it is now mounted upon the wall of his study. Owing to an apparent predilection toward being educated by institutions which identify with large cats, Mr. Nickerson returned to higher education and became a monarch in order to become a master in the field of special education. At Old Dominion University he learned to court degrees rather than pursue them, and earned the self-administered title of "Degree Tamer" once his master's degree and all the rights & priviledges associated with it were bestowed upon him. Alas, as a "Degree Tamer," Mr. Nickerson neglected to familiarize himself with rights & priviledges and they have subsquently flitted away and continue to evade him as he is not entirely sure what his rights & priviledges actually look like. 

    Mr. Nickerson laid the foundation of his teaching career at Norfolk Virginia's Lake Taylor High School in 2007 and cemented himself as an advocate & proponent for members of future generations. After this constructive experience, Mr. Nickerson moved on to Fairfax County's McLean High School for the fall of 2013. He continued to build stable and stalwart professional relationships with his students in order to facilitate their learning and encourage their success. In the fall of 2018, Mr. Nickerson arrived at Briar Woods and settled into the sturdy bones of the traditions and culture of the school. Beginning his second year in the English department, Mr. Nickerson feels that he can establish himself and engineer a future in a place he considers home. 

    Mr. Nickerson can be found most often in room 606 where he will be discussing language and literature with sophomores and seniors or on the baseball field where he helps young athletes discover the art of pitching.     

    Being an English teacher, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Nickerson appreciates creative titles and compositions and that he has a puckish inclination to write about himself in the third person for no good reason whatsoever. 

    This is what he looks like (he's the one with the beard)

    This is what he looks like

    *He's the one with the beard

    My 2019-20 Schedule: 


     English 12 Room 606


     English 10 Room 606


     Planning Room 509 (probably)


     English 12 Room 606


     English 10  Room 606


     Study Hall Room 606


     Eng. Dept. Planning    Room 509


     English 10 Room 313

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