Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Hrynyk

 A little about myself...where to begin eh? Let's see.... I am a truly dedicated...some say overly dedicated Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Like most Leafs fans, I am hoping they can win a Stanley Cup before I pass on. I was born in Canada and still say "sorry" the Canadian way. My ultimate goal is for all students to have fun while they learn. To enjoy our conversations in class, to have fun working on experiments and sharing their thoughts and ideas. 

When I am not striving to find exciting activities the students can work on. I am at home with my family. Logan, my son, recently turned 7 and is pure energy, which keeps my wife and I young? On the odd times of getting him to go to sleep, I love spending my free time by playing as much hockey as I can. When I am not outside, I will be either playing with Logan, watching hockey, playing the odd video game, or "fixing" the house. Fixing is definitely in quotes for a reason.