Family Picture From Wedding

    I am a mother of five beautiful children and recently married an amazing husband that is also in education. 

     I LOVE being a music teacher!  Music is a safe place for everyone to be themselves, 100%.  Music brings out the best in all of us and gives us a chance to try new things!  It has been such a dream and joy of mine to be the music teacher at Hillside Elementary.  This is my first year teaching music at Hillside, prior to that, I was the music teacher at Buffalo Trail Elementary School for four years.   I have also worked a great deal in special education in Virginia and Louisiana and was a first grade teacher and a band director in Utah.  I've had the amazing opportunity to work in the Men's Utah Prison System doing special volunteer musical programs and functions.  I graduated from Louisiana State University in 2002 with a Bachelor's Degree in K-12 Instrumental Music Education with a minor in Theatre, where I received a full scholarship as a clarinetist.  I am currently pursing a Master's Degree from Shenandoah Conservatory in Performing Arts and Leadership Management.  I recently finished an Internship at NextStop Professional Theatre in Herndon where I worked in Marketing and Development.   In addition to being a clarinetist, I am also a vocalist and a pianist. I also serve weekly as the chorister for the woman's organization at my church. 

    Music and the arts have always been my solace; a wonderful world of freedom and joy from the ups and downs that life is sure to bring.  It is one of greatest privileges of my life to share that peace, joy, and genuine love that I feel for music with our little ones that will shape our future.