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    University of Texas
    Amy Sibley holds her licenses in English, Spanish and ELL.  She received her Bachelors degree from the University of Texas in Spanish.  Her immersion home stay studies have included a semester in the Dominican Republic, and summers in Morelia, Mexico and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She is a current member of the Foreign Language Association of Virginia and the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

    Mrs. Sibley completed the UT teacher certification program where she was awarded the Student Teacher of the Year.  She started her teaching career in Round Rock, TX and was recognized by the Texas Foreign Language Association as the New Teacher of the Year for the state of Texas. Mrs. Sibley was honored with the University of Texas Alumni Association's Top 10 Rising Stars in Education award.
    Mrs. Sibley collaborates with the College Board Advanced Placement program as an AP Reader during the summers, grading the performance portions of the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam. 
    In addition to working in Texas she has taught English in Japan and Spanish in North Carolina.  She has been a member of the LCPS community since 2012 and is happy to join the Heritage Pride Faculty this year.

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    A1- Spanish 3 B5- Spanish 3
    A2- planning B6- AP Spanish
    A3- Journalism B7- transit to LCHS
    A4- Spanish 3 B8- AP Spanish at LCHS
     Mrs. Sibley teaches her classes in L207 and L208.  She works in L200 during her planning periods.
    She is available for support after 8:30 each morning in L207
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