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Linda Gantz

 Math Teacher

at our new home at The Academies of Loudoun!
from Dr. Linda A.G. Gantz 

Dr. Gantz is a National Board Certified Teacher who has been teaching mathematics in the United States and abroad since she graduated from Rutgers University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.  She completed her Ph D in Educational Leadership from George Mason University in 2010. She received an NSF Grant to complete her Masters of Science in Teaching Mathematics at the University of Wyoming. She has been working at the Loudoun Academy of Science since 2011 and has loved the family she has found in AOS. Dr. Gantz is thankful for the amazing opportunities the curriculum has provided to see students learning and growing through inquiry, cooperation, independent research projects, and international collaborations. She looks forward to new traditions at AOS as well as new opportunities within our new home at the Academies of Loudoun with AET and MATA.

Dr. Gantz would tell you her life story if you had the time....
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