PFHS Mission
  • Welcome to the 2023-2024 academic year!

    Name:             Mrs. Carrie Stuart
    Department:   English
    Classes:        10th Grade English Honors and Academic


    Please check Schoology for all classwork and communication. Check Schoology when you are absent to see the daily classroom slides.

    Mrs. Stuart’s Schedule:

    A Day
    Block 1:   room 235     English 10A 
    Block 2:   room 236.    English 10H 
    Block 3:   cafeteria       Study Hall
    Block 4:   room 235.    English 10H
    B Day

    Block 5:   room 232     planning
    Block 6:   room 235     English 10A   
    Block 7:   room 232.    planning      
    Block 8:   room 235.    English 10H
    Office Hours:
    A Days Block 3 in cafeteria
    B Days Blocks 5 and 7 in room 232


Last Modified on August 23, 2023