• Personal/Social Development
    Personal/social development is another domain of the guidance curriculum at Heritage High School.  Personal/social development involves the acquisition of skills, attitudes and knowledge that help students understand and respect self and others.  Students also acquire effective interpersonal skills, understand safety and survival skills and develop into contributing members of society.  Resources found in this section help support this developmental standard.  It is important to remember that personal/social development contribute to academic and career success.
     Mental Health Resources

    Suicide prevention:   https://www.lcps.org/Page/1817


    Crisis Intervention:   https://www.lcps.org/Page/173963


    Mental Health:         https://www.lcps.org/Page/171117  


    Mental Health Awareness – Parent Seminar Series 2017:     https://www.lcps.org/Page/185265


Last Modified on January 25, 2017