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    Phone: 571-367-4040

    Mrs. Lisa CollinsThe 2019-20 school year will be my 10th school year, and I am excited to begin my decade year! I will be working with 9th grade students while teaching Geometry and Algebra II. I live in West Virginia with my husband and our two girls. We are big road warriors and are always looking for new adventures.

    Class Schedule

    1st Period: Algebra II

    2nd Period: Planning

    3rd Period: Geometry

    4th Period: Algebra II

    5th Period: Advisory 9

    6th Period: Algebra II

    7th Period: Geometry

    8th Period: Planning 



    class resources

    Google Classroom Codes:

    1st Period: tmx5e9k

    3rd Period: 3wxxsx

    4th Period: jd3u2ct

    5th Period: a2gc67r

    6th Period: 339h8y

    7th Period: jozkie