Anna Blevins, 7th Grade Counselor

Keep Calm & See your School Counselor!
  • Hello Harper Park Hurricanes!

    Welcome to 7th Grade! I am thrilled to be back with HPMS for another year with some awesome kiddos! It is my pleasure to be working with your students again as the continue to grow through middle school. I am in my 2nd year at Harper Park with previous experience at the high school level as a school counselor. I also have a background in psychology, suicide prevention, and working with students who have special needs.

    I am able to work with your students on an individual basis as well as in a group setting. I assist students with academic concerns, social/personal challenges, and college/career planning. Some of the areas I can help with are anxiety/depression, stress management, loss/grief, divorce/separation, body image, self-esteem/confidence, family issues, and coping skills.

    In 7th grade, we will be focusing on:

    Anit-bullying prevention - The foucs this year will be on Sexual Harrassment.  Students will also receive mini lessons on bullying prevention through homeroom Advisory time in October.

    Career  Exploration - Students will explore careers clusters, careers, career planning, and goal setting through FACS classes.

    Academic Planning - Students will select classes and start the High School Academic Plan.

    College Visit Day - Representatives from colleges will visit HPMS 7th grade students for an in-house college exploration experience.

    Get in Touch!


    Phone: 571-252-2820

    LCPSgo Request Form: Click Here

    Helpful Information

    Suicide help hotline: 1-800-273-8255

    Parent ToolKit: Parent Toolkit for Middle School