Leslie Kole, 7th Grade Counselor


    Welcome to Middle School - 6th grade!

    I am so excited to be back in 6th grade with all the newbees to HPMS.  It will be my pleasure to work with your students this year and throughout middle school. I look forward to a great year getting to know your children and helping them with the transition to middle school.  I am in my 15th year at HPMS with previous experience in elemenary school counseling and substance abuse prevention.

    I am able to work with your students on an individual basis as well as in a group setting.  I assist students with academic concerns, social/personal issues and career planning.  Some of the areas I can help with are anxiety/depression, stress management, loss/grief, divorce/separation, body image, self-esteem/confidence, family issues, coping skills.

    Some of the programs that I will be working on with your children this year are:

    Anit-bullying prevention, Cyberbullying, and Education - Students will receive a lesson on bulling prevention through resource class:  what it is, how is affects, how to recognize, how to prevent, how to report, and how to handle.  Students also receive mini lessons on bullying prevention through homeroom Legacy time.

    Career  Exploration - Students will explore careers clusters through a Keyboarding class using Naviance.

    Please call me with any questions or concerns.  I am here to advocate for your children and help them find direction and purpose.  


    Mrs. Kole