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    Welcome to the PTA!

     Our #1 goal for the Goshen Post PTA is to build community within the school and with all our students, parents and teachers. Communication is key to this process. We will strive to keep you informed through emails, social media and our PTA website, and would also love to hear from you at anytime – please email us with any questions, concerns or ideas!  We have several activities and fun events planned to bring the students together and hope you are all able to attend.

     Join the PTA! We welcome and encourage your participation – that is how we build this community. As a newer school and PTA, we are starting from scratch. WE NEED YOU – to make this year a success, we need your input and involvement. We will have several opportunities to join both in-person at our back to school night events and through our PTA website, as well as volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Your membership and participation helps to make our activities and events happen! A special thanks also goes to Principal Hines for her support of the PTA and her leadership as we all embark on this new adventure – her excitement and passion for Goshen Post and all the students is truly contagious.

     The mission of the Goshen Post Elementary PTA is to build our community and create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all students, parents and staff.  

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Last Modified on October 4, 2022