What is CAMPUS?

    CAMPUS is an academic and college preparation program designed to meet the specific needs of students from historically underrepresented groups in higher education and prospective first-generation college students in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). The program now serves over 460 selected students in grades 9-12. CAMPUS seeks to provide support and encouragement to students who demonstrate the ability to achieve academic success and college admission. Students must commit to attending mandatory CAMPUS meetings and/or classes during the school day and to attending CAMPUS activities throughout the year. Parents are also an integral part of CAMPUS and its success. Parents are expected to participate in CAMPUS initiatives and support their children in the college search and application process. Admission to and graduation from college are among the goals of the CAMPUS Program.



    Q:  What do you do in CAMPUS?

    A:  We support students through academic enrichment and support, college and career planning, scholarship and financial aid guidance, and volunteer and community outreach.  CAMPUS sponsors college trips to colleges and universities.


    Q:  How are students selected for the CAMPUS program?

    A:  Students are selected during the spring of their 8th grade year or, if space is available, during the first few weeks of grades 9 - 11. Students continue in the program throughout their high school years.


    Q:  What are the criteria for consideration in the CAMPUS program?


    A:  Students are selected based on the following criteria:

    • Potential aptitude for success in post-secondary education
    • Leadership potential
    • Demonstrated interest in learning
    • Teacher recommendations


         Strong consideration is given to students who:

    • Priority will be given to students who would be the first in their family to attend and/or graduate from a college or university.
    • Strong consideration will be given to families that may be considered socioeconomically disadvantaged.
    • Consideration is given to students who come from a historically underrepresented population.


    For more information about the CAMPUS Program, contact your school counselor or review the LCPS Website.