• National English Honor Society


    NEHS Logo  NATIONAL ENGLISH HONOR SOCIETY: NEHS is a nationally-recognized organization for students with a shared passion for the language arts. The NEHS recognizes outstanding scholarship in the field of English. Students must excel in English during their English 10, 11, or 12 year in order to be considered a member of this organization.  Service hours are pointed toward creative expression, encouraging reading, and writing growth in others as well as oneself.



    Didn’t get an invite but still want to be a member? Do you demonstrate all of the qualities of an NEHS member (avid reader, strong writer (or at least a lover of writing), eloquent discusser (participates frequently), strong integrity, and solid work ethic)? If you think you have these qualities and you want to join NEHS, please feel free to click on the application above and fill it out completely (essay too).


    THEN, also answer the following prompt (with examples/specifics): How do you exhibit the qualities of an NEHS member?


    Applications will be reviewed over the summer, and you will be notified if accepted in September.



    • All meetings are held in the room 407 and 409 during Pride Time lunch. 
    • NEHS initiation occurs each year.   
    Sponsors -M. Buckley, Room 307; E. Throckmorton, Room 407; K. Littell, Room 409