•  Please make sure you plan any appointments accordingly to avoid your child missing his/her SOL.


    SOL Testing Calendar 2018
     May 14 & 15  English 8 
     May 16 & 17  English 7
     May 18 & 21  English 6
     May 22 & 23  Algebra 1, Math 8
     May 24 & 25  Math 7 & 6/7
     May 29 & 30  Math 6 & Geometry    and   Algebra II
     May 31 & June 1  Science 8
     June 4 & 5  Civics 8


    Expedited Retakes

     Recently expanded legislation provides students in grades 3-8 an opportunity to retake Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. This process is referred to as an “expedited retake” since the retest quickly follows the initial test. Eligibility criteria are:

    • The student passed/is passing the course AND
    • The student failed the SOL test for that course by a narrow margin (a score of 375-399) OR
    • The student failed the SOL test for that course due to extenuating circumstances OR
    • The student failed to sit for the SOL test for legitimate reasons


    In order for your child to take advantage of this retest opportunity, the Virginia Department of Education requires that we provide you with informed consent and that we obtain your signature, which documents your agreement to retest. Please click the link below and complete the form giving permission for your child to do an expedited retake.


    Expedited Retake Permission Form