Academy of Engineering & Technology

  • The Academy of Engineering & Technology (AET) is an advanced academic program that strives to provide academic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) pathways for students to engage in the study of engineering, information technology, and entrepreneurship

    Students in the AET program will develop their creative and enterprising capacities, engage in engineering and research projects, and have the opportunity to pursue a well-rounded high school experience.  A student at AET acquires the skills to ask sophisticated scientific questions and conduct research and experimentation; to explore the connections between STEM and the real world through innovation challenges; to read, write, and communicate at a level that is required of university students; and to develop perspectives to assess the impact of scientific advancements on society.

    AET I is a 4-year program although students have the option to opt out after their first 2 year commitment.

    Advanced AET is a 2-year program commitment.

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