Are you familiar with “The Achievement Gap”? Are you aware that it also exists here in Loudoun County? A group of parents here at Lunsford have decided to partner with the school to address this issue head on in a unique and aggressive manner. If this interests you and your family please continue reading.


    The Lunsford Excellent Options Club was created by parents in 2011 in the model of the 2012 Club at Stone Hill M.S. The purpose of the club is to provide supplemental education and personal development support with a focus on African American and minority students. For example, the list below outlines some of the club sponsored activities:

    ·                    Homework Club and Tutoring

    ·                    PSATSAT Exam Preparation for students aspiring for high scores

    ·                    Community Service Projects that builds cultural and community pride

    ·                    Study Skills Workshops and Writing Contests

    ·                    College Tours 

    The club believes that a community/village approach will yield the best possibility for our students to graduate from high school in their designated school year"in excellence and with options." We will seek opportunities to leverage the collective resources within our parent group to provide better experiences and create more options for the children than we might otherwise create as individuals. Overall, our goal, along with Lunsford’s Administration, is to equip our students with supplemental tools, resources and experiences in order for them to achieve their personal academic success and maintain high self-esteem.

    What is excellence?

    We define excellence as the attainment as well as the pursuit of results at the highest possible levels for each individual. Results that break through barriers, shatter ceilings, defy limits and establish new bench marks for those who follow.

    What kind of options?

    These children shall earn the privilege to choose their universities, careers, communities, and contributions to society and ultimately, their legacies.

    If you think this is something that your student(s) and family can benefit from and contribute to please contact one of the members below for more information or to join.




    Jennifer Calderone, 8thGrade Counselor: 703-722-2660 or Jennifer.Calderone@lcps.org