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  Welcome to Heritage High School's
Mathematics Department!

Math Lab

Room 206

Available during thefollowing times:



1A + 5B: 9:20-10:30

2A: 11:20 – 12:05

6B: 10:55-12:05

3A + 7B: 12:30-2:13

4A + 8B: 2:40-3:48



1A + 5B: 9:20-10:22

2A: 11:09 – 11:54

6B: 10:50-11:54

3A + 7B: 1:20-2:21

4A + 8B: 2:31-3:48





Have a homework question?  Check the side bar to see a page that will link you to sites that might be of help!

There are a limited number of TI-84+ calculators that may be checked out on a weekly basis from the library!

All Students in Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Part 2, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Trig will be taking a math SOL in that subject in May.  Please see the side bar for SOL resources and information.

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