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    Donna Bryn, M Ed.   STEP Teacher  
    Welcome to STEP Preschool at Heritage High School!   I have worked in the field of education for nearly 25 years and find every year to be more exciting than the last.  I spent most of my childhood in Tucson, Arizona, home of interesting wildlife such as rattlesnakes, tarantula spiders, coyotes, gila monsters, javelina and bobcats.  My third grade teachers "team taught" and we had three pet snakes along with about 40 children in an open classroom.  It was that year, combined with my inquisitive nature and love of learning, that prompted me to be an early childhood teacher.
    After high school, I studied Psychology and Elementary Education at Lake Forest College north of Chicago, then completed a master's degree and elementary principal certificate through Northern Arizona University.  I am always learning and expanding my knowledge to strengthen my teaching, and I truly give 110% to the children who enter my classroom door each day.  My goal is to have them leave at year's end with a curiosity and desire to know more, along with the confidence to know they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.
    I love teaching preschool because for most children it is their first formal school experience and they are filled with excitement and energy.  It is so rewarding to observe their growth from the start of the year to the end, when they leave prepared for success in kindergarten. I also appreciate the opportunity to be the parents' first connection with the formal education system.  I encourage them to support their child's learning and  I demonstrate the importance of parent involvement.  I taught third grade in the Chicago area, Kansas City and Tucson before settling on preschool as my true passion when my own third child was born.  This is my eleventh year of teaching STEP Preschool in Loudoun County.  My wonderful husband and I have three adult children, all of whom love to learn, and one who also plans to teach at the early childhood level upon graduating college, something that couldn't make me prouder.   
     Alexandra Brown, STEP Teaching Assistant