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Seussical FAQ

Auditions for the musical will be January 29-30.

The performances for the musical will be April 16-18.

Rehearsals are generally Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:45-5:15 PM. 

Not every role will be required to attend every rehearsal. The amount of rehearsal will depend upon the role. 

Larger roles = more rehearsal dates per week.

MANDATORY DATES FOR ALL CAST AND CREW (please check your calendars now!):
Monday, February 3--Full cast & crew read-through (4PM-5:30 PM)
Monday, February 3--Mandatory parent volunteer meeting (7PM--PARENTS ONLY)
Monday, March 30--Full cast & crew run-through (4PM-6PM)
Tuesday, March 31--Full cast & crew PHOTO CALL (4PM-6PM) (Select Chorus may arrive late)
Monday, April 13 (4 PM-approx. 7:30 PM)
Tuesday, April 14 (4 PM-approx. 7:30 PM)
Wednesday, April 15 (4 PM-approx. 7:30 PM)
Thursday, April 16 (4 PM-approx. 9 PM) [PERFORMANCE]
Friday, April 16 (4 PM-approx. 9 PM) [PERFORMANCE]
Saturday, April 17 (12PM-approx. 9 PM) [PERFORMANCES @ 2PM & 7PM]
STRIKE/CLEAN-UP Monday, April 19 (4PM-approx. 5:30 PM)