• Heritage EL
    Proud of our family
    Proud of our language
    Proud of our culture
    Proud of our race
    Proud to be who we are
    Proud to be part of the Heritage Pride!
    -Alma Flor Ada

    Welcome to the English Learners (EL) Department!

    Bienvenido al Departamento Inglés como una Segunda Lengua (EL)


    EL is a program of studies for students whose first language is not standard American English, and whose English language proficiency is at a level where they may temporarily need extra support for success in the mainstream classroom.  Students take English classes, as well as math, science, social studies and reading.  Heritage EL teachers are dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment for our students, as well as resources and encouragement for students, parents, and content teachers.  

    EL Classes
    • Newcomer English      
    • Intermediate English as a World Language (EWL) 
    • Advanced English for Language Learners                    
    • EL Literacy 1 & 2                                                              
    • Newcomer EL Math Concepts                                     
    • Newcomer EL Science Concepts                                   
    • Newcomer EL Social Studies 
    EL Teachers
    Maria Ayoub
    Theresa Barthel-Department Chair
    Meagan Corley
    Andrea Cox
    Rachel Llanos
    Kalpana Ronlov
    Tracy Stoy
    Stephanie Tracy